Client Testimonials

Just a few notes I’ve receive from satisfied clients/friends…


Shelley has been our Realtor for numerous transactions. Overtime, she has helped our family solve and navigate real estate needs through the best and worst times. In difficult transactions that are multifaceted and require the utmost attention to detail, communication, delegation, and planning, Shelley provides unmatched and amazing experience for any real estate transaction. She treats you like family, watches out for you, and sees to it that all involved in the transactions are happy and get what they need. Having Shelley as our Realtor protected our investments and navigated us to making the best and most strategic home buying and selling decisions. Shelley brings in white glove customer service, and has a robust team of associates to handle all angles of any real estate transaction. We are so happy to have her represent us and we want to be able to share to other families and friends that Shelley is there for you when you need her, she will make it happen like she always does. Shelley is the real estate whisperer and puts her touch of magic to finding your next investment and your forever home.

Melissa Eriksson


When we met Shelley it was love at first sight. Warm, kind, generous and dynamic, she immediately makes you feel like you are in good hands and she will not stop until you’ve found your dream home. The first thing she said to us when we met was “there’s absolutely nothing on the market in the area right now” but that didn’t stop her from spending the day with us, driving us down every street, pointing out the pros  and cons of each property, and talking us through what were our “must haves” and what          was negotiable. We were really focused on Lynn Ranch but she also took us to other surrounding areas that are similar to Lynn Ranch suggesting that we keep our options open. When the property of our dreams miraculously became available a month later,  she pounced  on it and we had an acccepted offer in less than a day. For the next month she was on our  “speed dial” and she always answered on the first ring, ready to assist with everything from inspections to referrals for every possible service from movers to insurance brokers to handymen. But what we most appreciated was her sense of  humor and calming presence through the entire transaction. And now that the deal is behind us, she continues to check in on us, and has become a great friend. She is the REAL DEAL.

Chris & Johan


If you are considering buying or selling a home within Lynn Ranch – I cannot recommend Shelley Cole enough. Shelley’s knowledge of the area, her connections from living and working here for many years, and her “gung-ho” attitude are simply unparalleled.

My husband and I first had the pleasure of working with Shelley Cole in 2014, when she represented the sellers for our first home purchase in Lynn Ranch. We were so impressed with Shelley, that we have since hired her to represent us in the sale of our investment property in Glendale, as well as the purchase of a second home in Lynn Ranch. Shelley’s handling of our investment property sale in 2016 was excellent – navigating the additional complexities of a 1031 exchange and involvement of our real estate corporation with ease. Shelley ensured that we quickly received multiple offers over our asking price, and matched us with the optimal buyer to ensure an incredibly smooth transaction.

When we were ready to purchase a second home in Lynn Ranch late last year, we were dealing with some reluctant sellers – and a listing agent that was frequently unavailable. At the request of the sellers Shelley was able to meet with both them and the listing agent, put the sellers at ease, and help bring everyone to a deal. Without Shelley’s delicate yet confident interactions with these sellers, my husband and I are quite certain that a deal could not have been made.

If you are looking for the best agent to represent a home in Lynn Ranch (and beyond), there is no question in my mind that Shelley is the optimal choice. She knows the people and homes of Lynn Ranch better than anyone I’ve met, and deals with even the most challenging situations with ease. She is truly a pivotal asset to anyone she represents.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Kristin Adao, BS, MBA, PMP
COO, Reality Real Estate Corporation



We met Shelley a few years ago while we were leasing a home in Lynn Ranch in Thousand Oaks. We had recently relocated to the area from Chicago and had started looking for a home to purchase. We immediately felt comfortable with Shelley. She had an immense knowledge of the area and of Lynn Ranch. Unlike previous experiences with realtors…when we asked Shelley questions about the neighborhoods or schools…she had the answers. She has been a member of the community for a while, and it is evident. Furthermore, she made the experience enjoyable. She is energetic, engaging, happy and a pleasure to be around especially in dealing with the stress of buying a home. She makes it flow smoothly. The obstacles that are encountered, she navigates around them and gets things done.

We enjoyed the experience of buying a home with Shelley, so much that when my job situation changed and we needed to move to another state, we didn’t hesitate to call her. She was just as magnificent on the selling side as she was on the buying side. We have bought and sold homes in 5 states. She was by far the best buying and selling agent we have encountered. She is detailed and has an eye for staging. She uses professional photographers in order to capture and present your property at its finest. Shelley made sure that the property was listed and marketed as truly a professional should. She is even great with pets. She made sure to tell every realtor that was showing the house about our dog and cat and that they shouldn’t be let outdoors.

I wish she could move to Arizona so she could assist in the purchase of our next home as now we will forever compare our experience with other realtors to the excellent experience we had with Shelley.

Shelley is:

A Great Partner

To top it all off, she is a fantastic person in general with whom we have developed a friendship! If you are seeking a realtor to partner with to purchase or sell your home, you can not go wrong if you choose Shelley. She is the BEST!

Todd & Heather Scott



I am writing in regard to Shelley Cole. I have had the pleasure to know Shelley from Coldwell Banker, both as a friend and as an agent, for over thirty-five years, throughout those years, she has represented us in three home sales and three purchases. I have the utmost confidence in her ability. She is a very professional top rated real estate agent and we have always felt that we were in the best of hands. She is an expert at guiding clients through the complex process of real estate selling and acquisition. It can be stressful at any level but Shelley goes out of her way to for see and handle any and all situations. She is very experienced, smart and extremely well informed. I have recommended her to my family and friends without hesitation. One thing I know for sure is that Shelley Cole knows Lynn Ranch better than any other agent in the industry. She has lived in the Ranch for many years. She understands how to get the right comps to help complete the sale. That, in itself, is very important and challenging since many of the Lynn Ranch homes are unique customs. Even with the greatest challenges, I have never known her not to come through. She is a great person, a great friend and one incredible real estate agent.

John Stout



Hello, if you are reading this you are probably either looking to purchase a house, or listing your own house, well congratulations either one it is very exciting. If you are reading this, you too have met Shelley Cole, and now that is exciting!!! Let me tell you about the first time I met her. I was in the process of looking for a home for my wife and I in Thousand Oaks, I was using an agent who had helped me on a couple other purchases and sales, but we were both new to the Thousand Oaks area. After losing out on a home, which we still laugh at because our bid was higher, we ended up looking at a home in Lynn Ranch that was being listed by Shelley. We ended up going back a couple of times to look at it, which Shelley was present at. Like I said my agent and us were new to the area and it really was Shelley’s excitement and knowledge for the area that helped get us excited about the house and area. My agent said that Shelley was very good to deal with and helpful for both parties as we were closing escrow. I came to find out her seller was a real pain, but Shelley really helped keeping him and the transaction in line.

Now let’s push forward about two years, our forever home was going to go back onto the market as we were looking to relocate again. We decided to interview many different agents for the listing, and while in the process decided to look up the agent who listed it when we bought it. We had Shelley over and listened to her ideas, and again her excitement and knowledge was infectious. She saw our home, didn’t want to have us do a full remodel like some did just to list it, and really saw it for the wonderful home it was and helped showing that to people. Shelly has been doing the real-estate thing for a long time, and her knowledge in this and Lynn Ranch was especially helpful. It was this knowledge and passion for Lynn ranch that really helped us since the folks who bought our home was from Northern California and new to the area like we were.

As dealing with Shelley on both sides of the transaction I can say she is professional, knowledgeable, organized, and most importantly you can’t duplicate her excitement and personality. I know this is an exciting and stressful time for you, Shelley can help make it the best experience possible.

The Schroeders



I am writing on behalf of my family to express our supreme gratitude and satisfaction with our real estate agent, Shelley Cole.

Shortly after losing our treasured home of 20 years to the Woolsey Fire, we met Shelley while feverishly driving around the Conejo Valley in search of a place to rent. From the moment we met, we were able to rest assured knowing that we would be cared for. Shelley worked tirelessly to show us countless options throughout the Conejo Valley. There were many agents offering to help, but none seemed as warm and genuinely caring as Shelley.

Shelley took care of us during a most jarring and desperate time in our lives. She worked morning through night to find options for our family. Shelley knew how important it was to get our family and beloved pets into a home. I could not have prayed for a harder worker. When Shelley found a home perfect for us, we decided to purchase and not rent. We currently live in Lynn Ranch and are very happy.

Shelley went from a kind stranger to a dear friend. It was most refreshing to work with her during our dark moments after the fire. We recommend Shelley wholeheartedly.

Best, The Krawczyk Family



We met Shelley at an open house. We were taken with her energy and knowledge of our neighborhood (Lynn Ranch). We had seen a model home in Montellano Estates we were interested in purchasing. It was a complicated deal and took a great deal of knowledge and patience on Shelley’s part to help complete. Shelley handled the deal so well we decided to have her sell our other home. My wife Kim and I both have developed a deep respect and a deep friendship for Shelley. She possesses a number or special qualities we’ve rarely seen in realtors; She is sincerely dedicated to her buyer/seller’s best interests, She is unswervingly ethical, She is extremely smart, She really knows her business, She completely understands the contracts, She does all the homework, She does it all efficiently and with quality. Throughout both the purchasing of our new home and the sale of our existing residence Shelley never once dropped the ball. My wife and I collectively have built, bought and sold over 11 homes and we will only deal with Shelley in the future.

Joel and Kim Sill



It is our immense pleasure to recommend Shelley Cole as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. She has assisted us and several real estate transactions including both buying and selling a home. Two of our transactions with her have been in Lynn Ranch and the third one was the sale of our current home in Lake Sherwood. In addition, we are getting ready to put our 838 Calle Pecos back on the market with her in mid-March. From the beginning, we were impressed with her professionalism, honesty, and knowledge of the real estate market here and Kanell valet. We found Shelley to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if we were her only customers client although we know that that is not the case. She returned our phone calls and emails promptly. We never felt like ducted or unimportant. She is also highly personable was engaging personality and provided educated advice that worked like a charm. In addition, Shelley is a master with contract negotiations, and she negotiated a deal that was good for us and made the seller happy as well. There is nothing that escapes Shelley’s attention when it comes to a property for sale in our area. We are pleased to recommend Shelley Cole to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. In our opinion, she is the best in the business and whenever we are considering a real estate transaction, she is always our first choice.

George and Laura Maggay



This letter is a recommendation for Shelley Cole of Coldwell Banker. She was our agent and assisted us with the sale of our family home of over 40 years. She not only handled the sale but brought us the buyer as well.

Shelley was enthusiastic from the start. Living in Lynn Ranch herself, where our house was located, she knew the “The Ranch” landscape well. When signing with her we were confident in her understanding of what buyers would be looking for in this particular unique piece of Thousand Oaks real estate. From the beginning she grasped the value of our property and encouraged us along the way not to lose site of it.

Throughout the entire journey of selling our beloved home we found Shelley to be patient and caring, maintaining professionalism and an excellent communicator. She was prompt in answering or returning our calls. She surprised us with her rapid follow up always informing us of all the interest in our property from both showings and on-line views.

We can truly say the agent/seller relationship was one of a partnership. Shelley listened carefully to our ideas being open to new thoughts. She responded favorably to our suggestions was eager to try new technology. We appreciated her work ethic! We recommend Shelley to help you buy or sell your next home.

Todd & Cheryl Hubert



My name is Laura Spach and I have been a long-standing client/friend of Shelley Cole’s and I am in a great position to endorse her. Many agents in the business have years of expertise, good instincts and hard work, but beyond having all those qualities, Shelley also has the ability to navigate all the nuances of a real estate transaction and to keep the experience a positive one for both the buyer and the seller. In the the 5 transactions that we have hired Shelley for I have never had to worry or doubt that every detail would be addressed, every phone call, every email would be returned, and that ABSOLUTELY nothing with slip through the cracks. This specially invaluable thing about Shelley is if you’re considering buying /selling in Lynn Ranch, is that she is quite literally has seen almost every single home in the neighborhood. My husband and I have lived in Lynn Ranch for over 20 years and without fail, we would see Shelley walking in the morning, making her “rounds.” She loves this community, and has insights and knowledge about these unique project properties that no other agent will have. Shelley has our best interest at heart and she establishes a comfort level that allows us to be open and honest with each other and agent/client relationship. Her energy level is staggering at her laugh is contagious. She can make somehow make the crazy process of buying/selling of our home phone sometimes! I would be thrilled to answer any questions or Provide more information that can help assist you with this important decision.

Laura Spach



Now that I am all moved and settled into my new home, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all that you did to sell my property. It was somewhat of a difficult decision to sell after living in the house for twenty-seven years. I was impressed right away with your organization and professional attitude. You knew just what to do while being sensitive to my attitude toward the sale. It was particularly comforting that you kept the process moving even when the buyer’s side seemed reluctant or confused about the sales process. I have worked with lot of realtors done through the years and I must say you are the best. Thanks again and I will certainly recommend your services to all my friends. Also, I may contact you in the future about the sale of some rental property in Thousand Oaks when it becomes vacant next time.

Robert Musella



Shelley Cole just leased our rental property at 1225 Calle las Trancas, in Lynn Ranch. Shelley was a true professional and a delight to work with in every way. Her level of expertise is unparalleled, and I recommend her with the utmost confidence. And her team is excellent! Shelley goes above and beyond her title to make sure everything is done right. We felt in expert and great hands with Shelley Cole and her team.

Ria Berkus